1. wattsy81

    wattsy81 Guest

    First of a hi all, this is my first thread. My gamer tag is Wattsy81 if anyone wants too add me.

    I joined because i really needed to get this off my chest even though its probably been said millions of times.

    I HATE ADRIANO ON PES6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brazil/Inter seem to be the only teams i ever play against on xbox live and when I ask my opponent to be someone more original I get a barrage of abuse.

    IMO PES is better than Fifa because its fairer but this is ruining that.

    Are anyone else finding this annoying??
  2. kingofpro

    kingofpro Non-League

    11 October 2005
    Hey dude,you should join a ladder called www.evo-league.com
    There you find players who picks same level of teams as you do.
    eksampel i pick Bolton then my opponents picks a team with 2 star like Blackburn,Aston villa etc.....In evo league the community is great and almost all players play fair. Try it out and see what you think:)
  3. stueyg

    stueyg Non-League

    13 July 2005
    lol i think wat ur findin there m8 is wat we call SLAG TEAMS!!

    peopel hu only use the likes of Inter Milan so they can pass the ball to adriano and score easily!

    i prefer playin games where teams r fun and unpredictable, my fav teams which i have found so far are Celtic and RC Lens.

    My gamertag if any1 wants to hook me up is Stueyg87.

    i think i will check out this www.evo-league.com website but i also play at another site which is www.backofthenet.info great thing happenin there website is gr8 and crackin community
  4. Miro

    Miro Banned

    10 September 2003
    wattsy81 this is true, Brazil and Inter, when I see my opponent picking these teams I say to myself just omg. But this is Konami fault. Adriano was god in PES5 now in PES6. Its crap and unrealistic.
  5. ScarySquirrel

    ScarySquirrel Non-League

    19 December 2005


    ps. Adriano is annoying in PES6
  6. numberoneson

    numberoneson wankin you off wit lips.x

    12 May 2003
    Manchester City
    <img src="http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/1435/gayqq0.png">


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