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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by miguelfcp, 5 September 2018.

  1. miguelfcp

    miguelfcp WYL | Porto

    27 June 2009
    @Daro: Many thanks, I'm loving your kits! Superb work.
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  2. Daro

    Daro Championship

    1 January 2009
  3. Andò12345

    Andò12345 Championship

    10 October 2018
    The installer includes also the game, right?
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  4. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    @Andò12345 Yes, Sany's installer sets it up as a complete version of pes6 in its own right and own install path, you'll have an Amador shortcut on your desktop.
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  5. jihado86

    jihado86 Attacking Midfielder

    10 July 2008
    Real Madrid
    Wow @Daro, these kits are absolute masterpieces, the creativity you put in them is stunning !!!
    Those circles surrounding the numbers in Zeeland kits are a very fresh and cool idea.
  6. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    Wow, great great kits!
    Glad to see that this project is still alive, and absolutely happy to see that kits (GREAT kits, I must add, both in terms of quality and in terms of creativity) are still being released for it. Well done @Daro!
  7. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    Two new versions of the Original Release OF here...

    First one is with the new body shapes added (as in Project Odyssey) thanks to @peterc10 adding in those parameters to the csv import :)

    Second one is as above but with DribSpd changed to 99 (as in Project Odyssey) which gives the AI a bit more zip when on the ball and stops the dawdling with the ball that dogs the default AI as it's prone to dribbling and not sprinting in general.

    Enjoy :)
  8. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    WTF @mattmid , does that mean every AI player in this Amador thingy now runs like Tijani Babagida or EMO from back in the day ?

  9. sniglet

    sniglet League 1

    6 August 2007
    Cornwall, UK
    @WhoAteMeDinner I really doesn't seem to work like that, though you would expect it too. For me (and @mattmid can correct me here :D) a big sluggish defender still feels that way relative to a quick winger, they just tend to make decisions a bit quicker and move a little more sharply than default. Seems to result in more passes, which is the opposite of what you might expect.

    Makes me wonder if Dribble Speed is more of a modifier to the overall Speed value, rather than being statically defined. A bit like how acceleration doesn't affect the top speed of a player, just how quickly they will get to it.
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  10. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    Yes I think you are right @sniglet , dribble speed and technique are more modifying stats but even so, setting all COM players to dribble speed of 99 seems a bit high. As I recall in PES 6, the main man Sousa had dribble stats of no higher than 96 or 97 after ten seasons of player development.

    Are AI players that crap in Amador ?
  11. sniglet

    sniglet League 1

    6 August 2007
    Cornwall, UK

    Not crap as such, but definitely less talented and confused than the default OF. That’s offset by the fact that the human controlled players have the same terrible skills, so passing is hard and you can’t sprint because your team will be hyperventilating by halftime.

    It’s just a different experience to regular pes, and probably one of those love it hate it things. I play Amador in between more regular pes OFs just to switch things up and enjoy the challenge.

    Not played Amador using the 99 DS, but it feels fun in the Denmark D2 Odyssey OF, although the stats in that are a bit more standard than Amador.
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  12. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    @sniglet I remember matters and miggysy giving me a lowdown about this. That as every player both human and COM teams would have universal terrible stats, the games would be tight and entertaining.

    And I can understand why, when in normal PES player stats database, Adriano scores from thirty five yards without much effort or you concede one of those absurd Roberto Carlos free kicks from another stadium. The brain starts to think you are back playing an ISS arcadey game from nineties.

    I am guessing even Castolo would be viewed in Amador League as hyper-stats and an unfairly lethal striker.

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  13. sniglet

    sniglet League 1

    6 August 2007
    Cornwall, UK
    Yup, if you played a master league with default players in Amador, you’d be winning d1 in the 2nd season and Europe in the 3rd. Castolo would probably be a 40 goals per season legend. :P

    He’s a legend anyway. :D
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  14. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    @WhoAteMeDinner Yes drbspd is "The higher this value, the less difference between the player's running speed and dribbling speed" So effectively being as it's out of a 100, I take that to be a % of how fast they can dribble with the ball compared to their top speed without it. The reasoning behind why I first tried it out was because I've always felt that one of our big advantages over the CPU is that it rarely sprints (unless we are chasing them or them chasing us) and when in possession they dawdle around with it as they tend to dribble a lot. Now when they dribble without sprinting they are moving quicker, meaning we can't charge them down so quickly as they react quicker to it. The main worry was would it be too good for us the human player but it really doesn't seem to be as we have a habit of sprinting too much anyway I think.

    Remember if their dribbling accuracy is 55 they're still going to be crap at dribbling, just now they are faster at being crap :) All it basically does is mean they can dribble at their full running speed rather than be ponderous with the ball and it seems to give them much more of an attacking threat. I think part of it may be that as they are moving quicker they are 'seeing' the pass earlier than they would have and so on.
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  15. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    @mattmid , yes it was always the case that COM players sprinting was more reactive to human teams than something they generally did, except the likes of EMO and Babagida who always sprinted flat out I think.

    The dribble accuracy stat for me is another of those key stats that make the complete player and not changing that one was a good idea as you would have created eleven Bobby Baggios in each Amador COM team.
  16. Flipper the Priest

    Flipper the Priest Vorlander Enthusiast

    15 July 2003
    Really intrigued by this so gave it a go. Glad I did! Great concept.

    As per, I have some questions:

    1. I'm unfamiliar with PES on PC - does the patching/modding affect the gameplay or is it just the cosmetics? Is the difference in gameplay (which is brilliant) created solely via the stats changes?

    2. Can the Amador and regular versions of PEE6 coexist happily on the same machine and be played in their own right?

    3. Tied to question one: can Amador be enjoyed on console? Seems a PS2 OF was created but before the full version was released.

    Would love to has both Amador and regular PES6 at my disposal on both PS2 and PC.

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  17. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    The rest questions should be answered by the creators, For your 2. one , if you go through this topic you can have hundreds of different PES 6 patched versions co-existing in your PC.
  18. Flipper the Priest

    Flipper the Priest Vorlander Enthusiast

    15 July 2003

    I'm not necessarily interested in patching just yet. It's more to have a default install of the game that I can edit and play without conflicting with Amador.
  19. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    Sany has a version of "vanilla" PES 6 that can be installed as a separate independent game. Or you can have your default installed and install Amador by Sany as an independent game. There is no other way, until today. You cannot have 2 "vanillas" to start with.
  20. Flipper the Priest

    Flipper the Priest Vorlander Enthusiast

    15 July 2003
    Ah okay. I see 'vanilla' is the standard phrase for a 'plain' game!

    Is Sany's vanilla version in that thread? I can't see it.
  21. slamsoze

    slamsoze Premiership

    28 September 2010
    Yes "vanilla" is the original game just out-of-the-box, without any patches or mods. He has one clear version somewhere in there.
  22. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    @Flipper the Priest

    Hi, glad you like it :)

    1) Yes it's solely the stats that change the gameplay.

    2) As @slamsoze said just check out sany's thread this and the pes6 vanilla are both in there and once you download and install they will be standalone version with a shortcut to each on your desktop and can be played as two completely separate games. :)

    3) @geeeeee did create the PS2 OF, I thought it was after release but maybe I'm wrong on that. Although as you've probably seen there's a new OF we just released which definitely hasn't been done for PS2, though if anyone knows how to then feel free to do so.

    Talking of the new OF, when you download the Amador install by Sany then you'll need to replace the OF with the latest one if you want to (I'd recommend it but it's entirely up to you which you prefer )

    Sany's installer for this is in post #349

    Here's the PES6 original by Sany
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  23. Flipper the Priest

    Flipper the Priest Vorlander Enthusiast

    15 July 2003
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  24. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    @Flipper the Priest Thanks for that, great stuff :) I think there might be a pes3 one in there somewhere, might not be the original but a patch possibly? Try asking in the retro thread, someone there will definitely know.
  25. Flipper the Priest

    Flipper the Priest Vorlander Enthusiast

    15 July 2003
    Searched that thread intently to no avail - I'll ask around!
  26. Flipper the Priest

    Flipper the Priest Vorlander Enthusiast

    15 July 2003
    Thought I'd showcase the weird and wonderful world of my Amador ML.

    The ridiculous:

    Reflexes of a [dying] cat:

    The worst free kick ever:

    The sublime:

    Inch-perfect through pass and dink:


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  27. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    Great stuff @Flipper the Priest It's great to know people are enjoying playing it. How's the ML going, who are you and how's it all going - I haven't had a chance to do a ML on it yet myself.
  28. Flipper the Priest

    Flipper the Priest Vorlander Enthusiast

    15 July 2003
    Still getting myself reacquainted with PES6 in general and had a rough first season.

    Keeping it local and playing as Grampian. Second bottom in first season but top of the league halfway through the second.

    A good keeper makes a huge difference. I was losing so many point because of my paper hands pal between the sticks.

    It's really good. Plays so well and is something totally different. Set my goal as winning the top prize.
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