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  1. miguelfcp

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    27 June 2009
    Football was once the people’s sport. Nowadays, it is not.

    Football was created to be a kind of simulation of war. People cheered for their home town’s club comprised of players from that same town, which on the pitch would “battle” the opponent and try to submit him to a defeat. Here’s the winning formula: take the passionate elements from war, such as territorial domination, eliminate the deadly element of it, then add spectacularity and there it is, the formula that made it the world’s most popular sport.

    However, football was about to be completely corrupted.

    2018. Modern football clubs have grown into multimillion-dollar businesses ran by people from all over the world who hire people from all over the world to manage players from all over the world and try to win against other clubs who are ran and represented from people from…all over the world. Fans still support these teams, but deep down they know what they’re watching is not so much a Team from City A vs Team from City B match, in fact it’s closer to a Coca-Cola vs Pepsi, or Apple vs Microsoft, and may the richest side win.
    It’s heartless, passionless, and most of all, it’s meaningless for the fan who once supported his town’s club, whereas now he supports the business which has taken the club’s name to operate – leaving behind little or none of the identity the club formerly had. Don’t like it? Well, there’s many more like this out there for you to support. Choose your poison, choose your business.

    This is not football. Football doesn’t belong to the oligarchs or the sheiks. Football is the game of the people, for the people. Football doesn’t belong to the corporations or businesses: it belongs to everywhere and anywhere; it doesn’t belong to the millionaire footballer, it belongs to the 5-year-old kid as much as to the 50 year-old, to both the professional football or the sunday league player. It tells the story of a place, of a group of people, of where you belong and matter; not the story of who makes more money selling players and signing sponsor deals.

    Football is inclusive, not exclusive. It’s everyone’s.

    What does any of this got to do with PES?

    If football is the people’s sport, PES is the people’s football game. Unlike any other sports game, this franchise was built by developers, but maintained by the people playing it who created a culture of editing capable of rivaling with any other game in the history of gaming. They created patches, option files, kits, faces, banners, stadiums…whatever modification you can think of: they did it. Every contribution, even if small, helped enrich the experience of PES. Soon enough, everyone would realize it made you feel like you matter, that you’re part of something greater than yourself by being part of a community striving for to create the best football game.

    Football – as it was meant to be played - is the people's sport.
    PES - as the community helped shape - is the people's football game.

    What we're going to do is to combine the idea of a whole new football world, taking the sport back to its roots, with the fantastic gameplay and community-made content of a classic, timeless PES game which just like football itself, will never go out of style.

    We're proud to present the football world of AMADOR.
    This thread is the spaceship that'll take you there, and soon will become your home on the planet.


    AMADOR Europe: Western Federation DEMO (PES6 PC) -> 13 playable teams
    AMADOR Europe: Western Federation FULL (PES6 PC) - Installer included!
    Part 1
    Part 2
    NEXT UP: What is AMADOR?
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  2. *aLe

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    30 August 2005
    This looks promising.

    I don't know if I got the idea right, but I'm eager to play the real Milan derby as Navigli United against Madonnina FC.
    Those f*ckers think they're elite just because their team is based in the city centre... F*ck them.
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  3. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    By the way... Are we allowed to listen to some house music during the trip?

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  4. miguelfcp

    miguelfcp Premiership

    27 June 2009
    What is AMADOR?

    The word “amador” means two things in portuguese: “amateur” and “he who is a lover of [something]”.

    AMADOR is the world of amateur football portrayed in the most edit-friendly and content-filled PES game of all time: PES6. It’s a whole new fantasy world created to reimagine football as a sport and take it back to its roots, in which amateur football players represent their home region, state or province, battling to find out which is the most dominating region of the world.

    What is the purpose of AMADOR?

    -> AMADOR is built on the idea that football is everyone’s. So, we’ve imagined a fantasy world of amateur football to create a whole new gaming experience, different from anything we’ve ever seen and played. A world where everyone gets a chance to play, and every region from every nation gets a fair chance to win.

    Why creating it on PES6?

    -> PES6 is dead.
    Yes, you heard me. Unlike other classic retro games which are still popular these days, PES6 has lost most of its fanbase. Why? Because while those other retro games (for example, GBA's Pokemon) have communities focused on creating unique worlds within those games through modding, the few but talented modders still working on PES6 are busy trying to make PES6 compete with whatever is the most recent PES. That is not possible. We have to make PES6 stand out on its own, providing a whole new different experience from what the modern football games offer. That's what modders of Pokemon have been doing for decades: creating whole new games with hundreds of fantasy pokemon created by the modders themselves, inhabiting completely new locations after modding the graphics to their own ideas, and writing their own new storylines for the game. They're not trying to somehow encapsulate the experience of Pokemon Go in a 20-year-old game, they're creating a completely different alternative to it.
    And that's exactly what we're going to do with the world of AMADOR in PES6. Let new PES games worry about realism, graphics, updated rosters; we'll be doing our own thing and expanding on our idea.

    The choice of PES6 as a base for AMADOR was truly a no-brainer:

    -> It’s the most edit-friendly and content-filled PES. There are thousands of graphic mods ready to be applied to the game, and the whole process of editing and applying those modificiations is completely accessible. Thanks to community-made editing tools that are still being developed nowadays, shaping the world of PES6 to one’s needs and wants was never this easy.

    -> It’s a timeless game that captures the essence of PES. As modern football games are concerned about copying the real-life sport, PES6 does its own thing and lets you know you’re not playing a real-life simulator, you’re playing a game and it is solid, it never disappoints. It makes it the best possible option for a 100%-fantasy new World of football.

    What teams and players are present in the game?

    -> Instead of having football clubs as they exist in real-life, AMADOR’s clubs are regions, states or provinces from each country. The players are 100% fantasy and are designed to portray football amateurs who live in those regions, who now also play for their region’s club in the world of AMADOR.

    No club or player in the game exists in real-life; but while the players are all made-up, all the clubs are real-life regions of the world.

    So AMADOR is a PES6 option file?

    -> No. The database of AMADOR is still being developed, and when the work is done, it will probably mean that to load the full experience of AMADOR we’ll have to have many option files, in order to represent the biggest number of regions possible which are impossible to fit in just a single OF.

    > "The world of AMADOR welcomes you"
    > "AMADOR: presenting the teams"
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  5. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    This sounds very very good to me. I've always wanted this to happen!

    Just a question, though... Why not PES 5?
    Despite having less fan-made content, it plays an all-in-all more balanced game of football to me.

    And the content for the game (kits, emblems, player appearances, stats, team and player names) is going to have to be created anyway, so... :)

    By the way, let me know if I can contribute with something Italian. Team names, a couple of kits... Just ask and I'll do my best to deliver!
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  6. miguelfcp

    miguelfcp Premiership

    27 June 2009
    @*aLe: I remember you posting about a similar idea on the Retro Corner a few months ago!
    That's a good question, but wait 'til you play it with our doesn't even look like PES6. I've told @mattmid - without spoiling yet how he did it, is responsible for the player stats - this often feels like PES5. Again, before "spilling the beans", the stats are overall by far the lowest I've ever seen in any OF/Patch/default PES database so it provides for a very different experience compared to what you usually get on PES6.

    Thanks man, we appreciate it!
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  7. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    Nice ! Will you disclose the gameplay formula/stats reasoning for the patch ?
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  8. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    And this sounds pretty cool, especially because it's "amateurs" that we're talking about and not professional players.

    Really really looking forward to it... You definitely got me curious with this presentation. :)
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  9. miguelfcp

    miguelfcp Premiership

    27 June 2009
    @fmicablues7: If Matt lets me...:EMB: I'd be happy to. Anyway he's the stats guru, so he's the man to explain it much better than me.

    @*aLe: I'm not 100% impartial on this matter because I helped create it, but the database turned out to be really interesting. It's not like every single player is crap, and every team has different potential to be studied thoroughly - because, naturally, not even we know the players as they're fantasy ones. It's really a whole new world to explore.
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  10. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    @fmicablues7 I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. :LOL: Seriously though it's been a work in progress back from when I made Norway Lge 2 and realised that the lower stats could be translated well with the right stats still being of a decent standard and I really enjoyed the game play and that it was different. In playing that and testing this (I've progressed a it further with refining the calculations) I've seen all manner of things happen, from superb goals, to awful misses, keepers dropping shots/crosses/corners but making world class saves as well, sliced kicks/headers, great and awful passes, good/bad control.

    Like this for example that happened the other night. The AI won the ball off me with my defence holding a high line up at the centre circle. The ball came to their number 4, he saw the run from the winger (top right) and picked out a great long ball to him (highlighting the quality that can show) then came the winger's first touch and the chance to break clear was gone.

    In the second clip is an unbelievable save from the keeper whose GK rating is 48.

    I'll go in to more detail on the stats after we've released it and can send you the details if you like then. :)

    @*aLe Are you any good at doing logos at all if we provided you with the images? It's not something I'm very good at. If you or someone would be able to help with that, that would be really helpful. We want to load 100 of them into the option file, reason being to enable us to make all the kits in game I had to import teams over the one's with licensed kits and I believe that messes with the 535.flg order so I figured if we put 100 into the OF (64*64 16 colour) then the remaining 40 can go in the 535.flg file for 40 teams that were unlicensed such as the Other Teams C and so on.

    As to the kits, as I mentioned above we are making them in game but I'm sure Miguel won't mind either if you'd like to make some in game one's for the Italian regions, that would be great. :)

    Oh and the other big reason for it being PES6 is the new import csv option on the editor. If the importer gets in to the PES5 editor at some later date then I'm sure we'll make it for that (and we9) as the stats side of things would be a simple export/import.
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  11. loco

    loco Schaduwspits

    12 December 2002
    Super nice gameplay!
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  12. Madmac79

    Madmac79 Premiership

    11 September 2006
    Guys, this sounds (and already looks) like a wonderful idea! I love the fact you want to create a completely original experience out of a retro-chapter. I also approve of Pes 6 as your base, globally lower stats will nullify the things I didn't liked of it (like speed/top players being too op) and offensive IA is surely better and more concrete than Pes 5 (although, if you'll make one for pes5/we9 I'll gladly play it too!).

    Looking forward to try it :APPLAUD:!
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  13. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    Thanks. We hope it will be everything we'd like it to be :) I just had this happen - check out the time gone in the game when it happened! :SHOCK: I'm not sure I've ever had that from an AI team that early in a game.

  14. MartanCJ

    MartanCJ Conference

    21 July 2006
    Bohemians Prague
    Really look forward to this! :BYE:
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  15. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    What a save ! I played PES 6 for years and i have never seen such a save. I'm eager to play this option file.
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  16. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    @fmicablues7 I know! I have never seen that before. I paused the game right there because I couldn't believe what I'd seen, I had to check.

    There's another thing I had never seen as well, maybe others have but I hadn't. It's now happened twice and neither time was I recording unfortunately. I'm now leaving the nvidia recording on when I play and of course it hasn't happened since! Anyway, I don't know if you seen it happen but it's when there's a foul and the player is lying on the ground and another nearby player (I think both times it wasn't the person who fouled him but a team mate) he sort of stoops down to him as if he's having a go at him for diving or going down too easy. Of course it then cuts to the free kick so both times I haven't been quick enough to pause to replay it and like I say I wasn't recording either so couldn't check it back. First time I thought I'd imagined it. Anyway maybe you seen that before but I never have.
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  17. loco

    loco Schaduwspits

    12 December 2002
    @miguelfcp are you going to include improvements such as new body models (slimmer like modern games) and pitches (greener, nicer pattern)?
  18. fmicablues7

    fmicablues7 Premiership

    15 July 2013
    I already experienced that kind of scene a lot of time. I might be playing too much with the likes of Ronaldo, Busquets or Neymar though. :LOL:
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  19. miguelfcp

    miguelfcp Premiership

    27 June 2009
    @loco: Yeah, at some point we'll definitely look more into the graphical aspect of the game, though right now we're focusing more on the OF as a start. We want to take advantage of the huge amount of community-made stadiums to see if we can assign one for each team, particularly ones that would look realistic and believable for an amateur team - such as that one on @mattmid's latest video, a perfect example of what I'm talking about.
  20. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    Further to what @miguelfcp said could anyone come up with some stadiums that would suit this, doesn't matter where they are, it's more the look and feel of them. The one in that video is from Albania. There's also a great Fantasy one Edgefield (think it's that name) that is perfect. I have probably got a fair number downloaded from Rechi's collection but a lot of them I'd have to go through and see what they are like. Any help if anyone can think of some that have been made that would suit would be a great time saver.

    @fmicablues7 :LOL: No prima donna's in this file :)

    Hence this.....

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  21. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    This sounds cool for all you PC gamers, best of luck with it. PES 6 is still a real hair puller for me on the Playstation 2 though, as the awful dribble controls and random shooting is still ballsing up all my usual PES game ability.

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  22. miguelfcp

    miguelfcp Premiership

    27 June 2009
    The AMADOR football world welcomes you
    Unlike any other option files or patches ever made for PES, we don’t want to just release the file, let people play it, and be done with it. We want the world of AMADOR to be a continuous experience everyone can be part of.

    I don’t like what modern football games have to offer in terms of content and on how they relate their users with that content. Developers create a game, release it, then hype it up with posts of pictures and videos on social media which showcase things like player animations and goals and that's it. This is not enough. I like to watch great goals as much as the next guy, but they have to do a much better job at engaging with their customers. It's like I'm walking in a store, the shop assistant greets me and tells me "dude there are nice shirts over there, go look"...what? This is not the 40s anymore, it's a global market out there and you have to do more! You have to show how smooth the fabric of the shirt is, how the buttons are so well sewn, how the collar really goes well with your facial strucutre.

    When we were idealizing the world of AMADOR, we agreed that we would go much further than any football game ever went when it comes to showcasing its content. We can’t just put the content out and expect to magically attract people to give a sh*t about it, we have to keep demonstrating why every little detail makes AMADOR a great football gaming experience.
    We have to talk about the players. About the teams. About the leagues, the competitions, the countries. We have to show how each of the hundreds of teams on our file is completely unique – because each one really is -, we have to show Player X from Team F because he’s such an interesting individual to control in the game. And every single time we write about it, we’ll be giving you one more reason to fire up this game and enjoy the world of AMADOR.

    So over the following months we’ll be bringing all of you into our AMADOR world, where playing the game is just one part of the experience. This world is different and unique, and we're about to prove how so.

    > AMADOR: Meet the teams
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  23. loco

    loco Schaduwspits

    12 December 2002
  24. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    One that comes to mind is Stadio Esseneto (from Rechi's pack). If I recall correctly it was pretty "old" (so it may need some work on the textures and on the crowd now) but I remember I liked it pretty much.


    I think I need to check it ingame again... If those buildings are indeed there, it would be very good to have it in. It doesn't have those buildings though, it loses most of its "magic" that way.
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  25. WhoAteMeDinner

    WhoAteMeDinner PES Puritan

    28 April 2018
    Retro-PES peeps, don't forget our original Retro thread will you ?
    Yesterday evening, no posts at all on it, except for me and @slamsoze and my little ponies......

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  26. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    Well, not much to be honest. I made a guide some years ago but I think it's gone and forgotten by now.
    Just a caveat: if I recall correctly, the logos stored in the afs file (the 0_text, is it correct?) all share the same palette. I'm pretty sure about that. So, make sure to use the original palette when creating them otherwise they'd be all messed up.
    Aaaaaand... Some logos imported via OF look messed up on the fans' flags too (I never understood why it happens).

    This is something that can be done, I'd be happy to help!
    If you sent me via PM a list of Italian teams and/or cities featured in this project (or publish it here) I'd gladly do some kits for you. Since you're also adding stadiums I guess you'll be relying on Kitserver, right? This would make kit assignment way easier.
  27. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    @*aLe That's a shame about those building but it will still be a nice size one to use even if it loses something without those. I seem to remember there's quite a few lower league Italian stadiums that have been made aren't there? Perhaps some of those would be ideal too.

    That's one of the things with the images, as soon as those palettes become involved it gets way over my very basic knowledge with photoshop etc. :CONFUSE:

    Yes it will need kitserver if people want to use stadiums so there's no problem having some kitserver kits if you wanted to make some (we can also then make a basic version of any kit you make in the in game editor in case people are playing it just as an option file) Or if you just want to come up with in game one's for them that's great too :)

    Will pm you a list :)
  28. Titch

    Titch Premiership

    4 October 2004
    I'm interested to see how many teams you have.
    Look forward to it.
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  29. mattmid

    mattmid Champions League

    15 December 2011
    A full 140 in the first option file :) @miguelfcp will reveal more shortly.
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  30. miguelfcp

    miguelfcp Premiership

    27 June 2009
    AMADOR: The teams

    As promised, we're taking it to a whole new level by letting you know everything there is to know about the AMADOR world. It's time to present the teams included in our file.
    If you read the thread, you already know Amador's teams are regions/provinces. Teams take the name of the region without any sponsor or additional name(s), which make it easier for everyone to identify those places geographically.

    5 + 2 teams

    5 "regiões" (regions) included, plus 2 "regiões autónomas" (autonomous regions), which are extra-continental.

    - Norte
    - Beiras
    - Grande Lisboa
    - Alentejo
    - Algarve

    Autonomous Regions:
    - Madeira
    - Açores

    15 + 2 teams
    17 comunidades autonomas (Autonomous communities), Ceuta and Melilla not included as they're autonomous cities only, not provinces/regions such as the others. Like Portugal, there are two extra-continental regions as well.

    - Andalucía
    - Aragón
    - Asturias
    - Cantabria
    - Castilla-La-Mancha
    - Castilla y León
    - Cataluña
    - Comunidad Madrid
    - Comunidad Valenciana
    - Extremadura
    - Galicia
    - La Rioja
    - Murcia
    - Navarra
    - País Vasco

    + the islands:
    - Islas Canarias
    - Islas Baleares
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