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Always look on the bright side of PES....

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by SuicydeSnake, 29 October 2006.

  1. SuicydeSnake

    SuicydeSnake Guest

    Hi, :)

    ok so i've decided to create a topic thats totally different from the usual posts that have been here in the past week. In this post, only positive points about PES are talked about. Hopefully it'll make a change rather than read about a new fault of the game everyday.

    So, what do you like about PES6?


    personally, i never thought i'd say this but the commentary is spot on this year i think. Ok they still have those stupid quotes. but the thing that has impressed me is the timing, they actually shout ROONEY! as your taking the shot this time, and not 5 seconds after hitting the stands (ala ps2 :)).

    And the gameplay, its grown a lot on me, and i seem to be playing more beautiful varied football now, rather than trying to find a way to pass the ball into the box so i only have to tap it in every time.
  2. danhammer

    danhammer Champions League

    23 February 2004
    yeah must admit wasn't sure at first, but the gameplay is growing on me...looks like there's some nice touches have been added i.e scored a goal with the outside of the boot
  3. timsmith10000

    timsmith10000 LEICESTER CITY!

    18 August 2003
    Yeah commentary is much improved. Shame half of it is from last year. Funny thing is Brackley actually sounds a bit different, so there is distiction between the two!

    Stupid comments like "strap yourselves in, this is going to be a bumpy ride" wreck it! or at the end Brooking chirps up "I've got no complaints about the standard of the pitch either" WTF!
  4. SuicydeSnake

    SuicydeSnake Guest

    lol, my fave is

    "can they break the deadlock, in the second half"

    and the score is like 3-0
  5. DagsJT

    DagsJT Retired Footballer

    29 November 2005
    Just had two online games there and had so much fun compared to when I played FIFA online, felt a lot more like football and less like basketball, a lot more battling in midfield as opposed to the same one or two players running with the ball constantly. And surprisingly both games were lag free, where I had loads of lag problems with FIFA :D
  6. SuicydeSnake

    SuicydeSnake Guest

    oh dear god...you got online to work?? lol

    edit> two other positives i just realized:

    1. no loading between subs/free kicks/corners/throw in's

    2. the nets! lol
    Last edited by a moderator: 29 October 2006
  7. slasher

    slasher Take that Mr Silva

    21 June 2003
    Man United
    The commentary is still shit whatever way you dress it up. Compare it to Fifa and the difference is immense. The line that currently does it for me "he's on a rampage!!" anytime someone runs with the ball.
    Does anyone else think that it sounds like Trevor whats his face is stuck down a tunnel somewhere, he sounds very echoey.
  8. Trance_Allstar

    Trance_Allstar I love lamp

    18 March 2006
    Positive for me is new animations on players look impressive, especially lob and shot animations are a bit improved for the most part. Goalkeeper animations are a step up, but they should really mix those one-hand saves with some "normal" ones, since keepers now seem to try and pull of television saves all the freaking time, even when they only need to reach their hands up to catch the ball.

    Also, the nets are better since they don't swallow the balls but allow them to bounce more.

    The new tricks (Matthews Feint etc) are very nice aswell, although I have yet to understand why on earth Konami does not develop a better system for high speed dribbling and feinting. FIFA has a trickstick which works quite nicely, and the new PES feints are mostly performed from stationary positions, which isn't really relevant in PES6, I don't think I've ever been stationary. Also, they need a system for players (even human controlled players) responding somehow to feints, so that they aren't just eyecandy but also affect the player you are feinting so that he might become temporarily slower in response or similar.

    That's all I can think of really.

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