A question about Winning Eleven games, and the PS3.

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by matherto, 24 August 2008.

  1. matherto

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    13 October 2004
    St. Helens, Merseyside.
    Manchester United
    Just a quick one.

    With the PS3 having region free games, does this mean that if Konami were to release a J-League version of 2009 with the J-League teams and stadiums, that us in Europe and everywhere else would be able to import it and play on it with absolutely no problem? (Well, aside from the language being set to Japanese).

    Or have they stopped doing J-League games/will they do a region lockout?
  2. Retri

    Retri Banned

    18 August 2008
    Torino, Italy | Amsterdam, NL
    M Urawa FC Red Diamonds
    PS3 is region free therefore you should be able to run JP and NA games on a PAL system without problems, unless I'm mistaken.

    I think that's the reason why websites such as play-asia.com won't deliver certain games (aka, those games which are likely to get a localization for other markets in the next few months) to yurop and the U.S.

    My biggest concern would be the current quality of PS3 versions of Winning Eleven instead since that's gonna be the piece of software they'll start working from when the time to develop the "next gen" JWE comes.
  3. hubneo

    hubneo League 1

    23 November 2003
    Kill Nougaro
  4. Siroco

    Siroco League 2

    10 June 2003
    Games may be region free but you also have to consider the PAL / NTSC TV issue - for those of us in the U.S. Correct?
  5. Retri

    Retri Banned

    18 August 2008
    Torino, Italy | Amsterdam, NL
    M Urawa FC Red Diamonds
    Don't you use HDMI cables anyway? Aren't those a standard throughout the world? Thought so.

    Also: I've been using an unmodified JP NTSC-J Playstation 2 on my PAL television since 2000, all it takes is a slightly different scart cable.
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  6. hubneo

    hubneo League 1

    23 November 2003
    Kill Nougaro
    if you live in the U.S no problem, both ntsc.

    if in a Pal country, just use rgb, s-video, yuv or hdmi.
  7. kiun

    kiun Non-League

    9 December 2007
    Is it an issue as far as Konami released patches for WE ?
  8. JU!

    JU! Conference

    12 September 2003
    Yokohama, Japan
    No. I think Konami will patch WE and PES at the same time, so as long as you have the WE game it should try to patch itself.
  9. MrYamaguchi

    MrYamaguchi Non-League

    23 November 2008
    Is there a J-League in the coming WE 2009 version, which will be release Okt 27 in Japan?
  10. ahhong

    ahhong Non-League

    29 December 2007
    Got WE 2009 for PS3, no J-League in there but Konami always bring out an seperate J-League of the Winning series later on, back in the PS2 days anyway.
  11. imjames407

    imjames407 Non-League

    10 March 2009
    They can carry on with the games.Game are not religion based.
  12. cavado428

    cavado428 Non-League

    5 October 2009
    I think the freeness might've ended

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