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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by albertaceo, 13 January 2006.

  1. albertaceo

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    i develop a new launcher that is indipendent by my site, no join needed on my forum, the launcher is customized with your logo and menus etc.....an with no reference to my site...
    you can have your indipendent league using this launcher, you can get the result and images references by xml and implementing a parser script u can create the rank how u want...

    msn albertaceo@pescup.com
  2. albertaceo

    albertaceo Guest

    the launcher is the 1.05.11 (available), if this site is interested contact me and i show how it work...
  3. albertaceo

    albertaceo Guest

    download the current version 1.05.12

    How use the launcher on your league.

    1) launcher.dat
    Edit the file launcher.dat delete the current values and insert the name of your site without "http://"

    2) Download the file http://www.pesleague.org/downloads/custom.rar
    edit the file with logo and menus
    copy the file on your server.
    The paths will be...

    3) Your users can play now without join pesleague forum, becouse the user is automatic create at first login, pay attention to the password you put the first time.

    4) Update score and rank on your site:
    will be available a service xml with risult of your users.
    the link
    you must implement a script that update your db...


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