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A few questions

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by ahr19, 1 April 2006.

  1. ahr19

    ahr19 Guest

    Hey fellas ... just wondering a few things ...

    When you say "stock formation", what do you mean?

    Also, when I play some people I notice they have like A2,A3 by some of their people. What does that mean and how I can I set that up?

    Sometimes, this white logo with a X 2 next to it will appear ... what is that??

    Hmmm ... if I think of anymore ?'s I will let you all know!~
  2. johan

    johan Guest

    Stock Formation is used when you have saved your formation to your memory card and you wanna use it again.. it will save you the time so you don't have to set up your formation/tactics again.

    The A1,A2,A3 SA thing is a strategy. Go to Strategy and click on Semi-Auto another window will pup up..where you see A3, A2, etc...

    I normally put A3 on Counter Attack by clicking on A3 depending where it is and then dragging it down to Counter Attack.
  3. benjo

    benjo Guest

    If you got the game then you got the manual, so read it !
  4. ahr19

    ahr19 Guest

    Hmm ... the problem with the manual is that is doesn't go into detail about any of these functions. I have looked very closely and can't find it. Now if I am missing it, shame on me ... but I don't think I am ... so can you help me or no???

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