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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by The Doctor76, 1 March 2009.

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    Firstly, I'd like to say that BAL is my favourite football game mode ever, it is so deep! You can go from being a 17 year old rookie to being World Footballer of the Year and winning the World Cup (before retiring at 37). You can also be transferred from club to club as well.

    However, Konami have missed a real opportunity here in some ways:

    1. Why the hell didn't they integrate the real, polished and excellent Champions League mode into BAL or Master League? After all, it's their licence now, so they can do what they want! What's the point have having such a great licence if they just keep it as a sodding standalone competition?? :FAIL: Is there any way it can be modded in? At least the CL music/ball/adboards? Actually, if the stuff is in the game, there's no reason why the cutscenes can't be in as well, surely?

    2. If Konami can't do some damn research or just watch some CL games so they can see that they're all always held at night, can't they at least give us the option when to set the damn games?

    3. Where's the CL ball and adboards in ML/ BAL mode?

    4. Is there a way to zoom in the Vertical/Wide camera in BAL, as it just feels too far away from the action and doesn't feel as immersive as...

    5. Player cam. But that's too close to the action, so is it possible to zoom that one out a bit?

    6. Surely there must be a way to mod in real money into the game (both ML and BAL)? It just doesn't work seeing salaries of '150'!

    7. Concerning crowd chants, I only seem to hear them properly in Exhibition modes (Utd chants for Utd, Liverpool for Liverpool and so on). In all other modes, there just seem to be some stupid generic ones (even with the fan made crowd chants. By the way, links to any of these, apart from the GIGIMARULLA one, as I've already got that.) Also, concerning sounds, is there a way to reduce the volume of the ball being kicked? It's always been bad in PES, but this year plumbs new depths!

    8. Slightly off topic, but can someone point me towards a skills tutorial?? Why did Konami have to make the retarded decision of mapping manual pass to the bloody right stick instead of the skills! Using a PS2 pad, it's extremely tricky to get to the D-pad to do skills: would it be easier with an Xbox 360 pad?

    Please reply. I don't want this to be like the Gaming Access forum, where most people simply don't bother replying to any of my damn posts!

    Thanks in advance for any help. :))

    Edit: Is there a list of 'must have' mods/patches for PES 09? If so, could someone give me a link?
  2. The Doctor76

    The Doctor76 Premiership

    27 February 2009
    Man Utd

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