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8 players on pes6

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by JammyJ, 21 November 2006.

  1. JammyJ

    JammyJ Non-League

    25 February 2004
    Hi guys,

    What's the crack with 4 vs 4 on this game??

    I had all the boys round my house on Saturday ready for some 4 on 4 pro evo action. I purchased two multi-tap adaptors but no matter what we did we couldn't get more than two players playing at one time! Is there something you have to do to get 8 players? We tried the exhibition game mode??

    Was gutted we couldn't get it going! Am I being a complete idiot for thinking this game can do this??!?

    Any help guys??!

  2. bointus

    bointus Banned

    13 February 2006
    Göteborg, Sweden
    IFK Göteborg
    Hi, we played the game 3vs3 on my pc, and since the game itself should be the same on those two consoles, the problem must be with your control-setup. Not totally sure though.
  3. guest321

    guest321 Guest

    I have 2 different branded multi-taps and it works well with 8 players! Try rearranging them or something. Put one multi in port1 and other in port2 or try putting multi1 in port1 and multi2 into multi1 or same but using port2 instead.
  4. JammyJ

    JammyJ Non-League

    25 February 2004
    God that is weird because I couldn't get it working at all..! Do you just choose the amount of players you want during the player selection screen?

    I bloody knew PES 6 could play with 8 players but when I couldn't get it working I doubted it.. Now I definitely know it does!
  5. tomwazere

    tomwazere Guest

    ive gt 2 multitaps 4 it aswel, u just hav to go on player settings n it shud hav all the players up the left hand side in different colours but not selected yet so u gta get every1 to press x n choose wt side to go on.
  6. JammyJ

    JammyJ Non-League

    25 February 2004
    Yer that's what i thought you had to do! Well it didn't happen for me?!?! So I reckon the multi-taps I brought are duff!!

    Gutted I dint keep the receipt as well..!! Doh!! :(
  7. Jae Dave

    Jae Dave I

    10 August 2006
    Slough (ENG)
    Man Utd
    doesnt the big ps2 multi tap not work on slimline ps2???

    maybe u got em mixed up?
  8. JammyJ

    JammyJ Non-League

    25 February 2004
    I only have the chunky playstation and not the slimline one. The official playstation multi-tap is compatible with both aint it?!?
  9. rahmav

    rahmav Guest

    Can u play 2 players on the keyboard or do you have to have a gamepad to play ? please help.
  10. guest321

    guest321 Guest

    I know i had problems with one or a few games with one of my multitaps, and sometimes you have to set them up in strange ways. Like putting controller 1 directly into port 1 and the multitap in port 2. But for PES, ofcourse, it should work putting 1 multitap in either port. When i do, everyone just pushes right or left where you chose sides and they appear in different colors (can't remember if they need to push X first). I don't have the official Sony multitap, just 2 of some "cheaper" brands. Sorry you couldn't get it going. I understand your frustration. It's not everyday you are able gather 8 people to play PES. It probably has to do with your multitaps. If they were official, then it's very strange!
    Last edited by a moderator: 21 December 2006
  11. we did it its not hard. did you make sure they were both plugged in
  12. JammyJ

    JammyJ Non-League

    25 February 2004
    Thanks for you "help". That must have been where I was going wrong they weren't plugged in.

  13. Apocalypse_God

    Apocalypse_God Reaching for Glory

    1 October 2006
    Liverpool, England
    PES5 has it aswell. (Says the person who hasn't got PES6 yet and got FIFA 07. :( ) I'm sure you just put the multitaps in both controller ports, now your mates won't hate you as much now :lol: (tell them to press triangle when you're in possesion in their half of the field).
  14. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    No. How many official ps2 multi-taps are there? The one I have definitely doesn't work on the slim PS2. You can see that it doesn't plug in all the way.

    Played 5-8 player matches on a chunky PS2 with 2 official multi-taps many many times, with no problems - except for the player colours being too similar and people not remembering what colours they are (even though they should remember what colour they were in the previous match ;) ).

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