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    I have been using the wireless 360 controller for my PC for a few years without any real problems.

    However, I heard that a 360 WIRED controller is just a plug and play with Windows7 64bit - so I bought one to try it out. However my PC doesn't seem to recognise it at all. I have plugged it in to a USB port and the green lights on the controller just keep flashing.

    I have also downloaded drivers from the MS website and reinstalled quite a few times.

    Nothing.........does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for any help.
  2. sportyfox

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    18 August 2011
    ^May I ask a question? 360 wireless for the PC is also plug&play with W7 64bit. Why did you need for a wired one?
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  4. whatsinaname

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    I just plugged mine in, and it worked (Win 7 64 bit). The green light does flash all the time, I don't think that is indicative of a failure.

    Open PES's settinge.exe, and you should see the controller in the drop down box. Once you select it there, it should work in game.
  5. Stardog

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    30 September 2007
    Because £100 a year for batteries is not fun?

    Flashing lights seems like it's trying to connect. The controller is probably fine, but your computer won't let it, so it must be some driver issue. Open Device Manager (Right-click My Computer > Properties > Device Manager) and see if there are any yellow exclamations in the "Microsoft Common Controller for Windows".

    I have a wired 360 controller and it works on W7 64-bit. No flashing lights or anything.

    Try this:
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