1. greenmachine

    greenmachine League 1

    5 November 2003
    While it will be some time before we see PES on the Xbox360 I take it , it won't be just great nexgen graphics we'll see! But a vast leap in AI as in the human team ( When I have my player highlighted and controlling him , I take it his team mates will be making all sorts of runs off him looking for a pass and if a loose ball runs near one of my players he will go after it and not just wait until I take him under control)...

    Smart AI defenders on my side making runs to cover the CPU attackers and not just standing watching or running in the other direction ...

    I take it we will have this when PES comes out on the Xbox360 and then on the PS3 ??
  2. Han

    Han Very senior member

    22 December 2001
    I understood that the 360 version is just the same as the xbox-version, which on it's turn is just another port from the PS 2 version.
    I think you must wait for PES 6 (360) for the real great nextgen graphics...

    I have a question in return:
    There is a lot confusion WHEN the PES 5 for the Xbox 360 will be released.
    Some people say you can play right away with it when the 360 is out and others say there must be some conversion done and therefore PES 5 will only be out for the 360 somewhere in 2006. What is the truth and what is not?? :shock:
  3. JayD

    JayD Premiership

    27 April 2002
    I think I read a specific PES is in development for the Xbox 360, so hopefully that means it will be a lot more than a conversions which would be scandalous if true.
  4. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    Yeah a team within Konami is indeed working on Next Gen PES for PS3 and Xbox 360 so no worries there.

  5. winning11

    winning11 Conference

    20 July 2005
    pes6 will also be for xbox right?
  6. Rich04

    Rich04 Non-League

    30 December 2004
    Castleford, West Yorkshire
    Super Leeds!!!
    This is actually keeping me in 2 minds about the Xbox 360. i haven't been on these forums for ages so sorry if this has already been asked but has it been confirmed that xbox games will be playable on the 360?

    Becuase in order to get a 360 im thinking of selling my xbox so don't know if there will be any point in buying PES 5 to play it for 2 months.

    Also if it is compatible how will people with a 360 be able to play against people still playing on the xbox? I'm guessing it will be possible if compatible as it is the same game!

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