2010 Demo Controls Don't Match - 360 Controller

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Elephant Rider, 19 September 2009.

  1. Elephant Rider

    Elephant Rider hells yeah

    15 October 2008
    The controls are screwed up for me. I'm using a wireless 360 Controller. The buttons are somehow flopped around. Back and Start are RB and LB. X is Y. A is X. Y is A. Clicking in on the Left Stick is actually Start. Those are just the ones I was able to figure out before I quit playing.

    Looking at the button configuration in game it shows everything set where it's supposed to be, but it's not working right. Batteries are fine, and the controller works on every other game I play with the controller. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game and that didn't help.

    Any ideas? Anyone else having this problem?
  2. tandeh

    tandeh Conference

    25 December 2002
    try setting the setting to xinput, thats th default for xbox 360 pad
  3. Elephant Rider

    Elephant Rider hells yeah

    15 October 2008
    Thanks :WORSHIP: Now I can actually check out the demo instead of being like "well.. this might be cool..."

    I completely missed running settings.exe. Usually games that have a settings exe like that automatically run it the first time you play. This one did not, and I didn't think to look for it.

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