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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Bebeto 94, 28 August 2005.

  1. Bebeto 94

    Bebeto 94 For the good of the game

    9 November 2002
    Plymouth UK
    I think i already know the answer to the first question but if someone can confirm it .When i play online as the host everythings tikkety boo but as soon as i become the client i cant put into words how bad it is .I have a 512 connection and someone says that its because my upload speed is crap (128 ) .When my service provider upgraded me from 256 to 512 for free they told me that my upload speed would remain at 128 (tight gits).So can anyone else tell me from experience that being a client with an upload speed of 128 is not worth playing .The second question is that when i connect my username is different from the one thats displayed when im playing the game , how can i change the one displayed during the game ? Cheers guys , Steve , Plymouth UK
  2. pn929

    pn929 Non-League

    12 August 2003
    Hi Steve,
    minimum upload required is 256 then ur client might still get a bit of lag.
    Also always play at the clubhouse stadium in fine weather as this reduces lag alot. Also turn off commentry and all your screen settings except the score and time.
    Who is ure service provider? You may find that all the cable ones r upgrading significantly this year. For example Telewest are upgrading their basic from 512/128 to 2mb/256 by the end of the year.
    To change username in game go start,all programs,konami,pes4,settings, click online tab and change player name.

    Hope this helps you out :)
  3. Bebeto 94

    Bebeto 94 For the good of the game

    9 November 2002
    Plymouth UK
    Cheers matey . Telewest is also my provider and they upgraded me from 256 to 512 for free but told me my upload would remain at 128 which i thought was a bit off .Hopefully then by the end of the year i`ll get a lot faster upload speed . Thanks for the reply .
  4. Celeborn

    Celeborn Guest

    Errrr; ok, to dispel some myths.

    PES4 uses 15k/s uploading when host, 5k/s downloading when host
    PES4 uses 5/s uploading when client, 15k/s downloading when client

    This was found out using a network traffic monitor whilst playing a LAN game (LAN and internet use the same amount of traffic).

    A 128k connection has a theorotical maximum speed of 16k/s. Therefore, as you can tell, a 128k/128k connection is theortically enough to client AND host. Of course you need a totally clean and good connection, so as host you may find some people lag to to, but some people are fine with it. It's hit and miss; usually late at night when others in the neighbourhood arent using the internet the hosting is perfectly fine

    Clienting wise; with your 512k/128k connection there is NO problem at all. You have a maximum download speed of 120k/s and upload speed of 16k/s. As a client, you will download 15k/s and upload 5k/s - so you have FARFAR more bandwidth than needed. I repeat, as a client, you have 10x more download than needed and 3x more upload than needed.

    So, you hosting would be hit and miss, clienting your fine. If you are experiencing lag, its either
    (1) The host you are playing is a poor host (either geographically or his connection sux). Try someone else (someone on BY would give very good results)
    (2) You share your internet connection. With 128k upload, you MUST be the ONLY ONE using the internet to play PES4 lag free. If my housemate just starts simply browsing the internet, it makes me lag. Therefore I can only play when only my PC is being used.
    (3) Some random suckiness factor.
  5. XXX2

    XXX2 Guest

    128 upload is only good when you want to play mates from your country only, and sometimes its hard to find people from your country, i think 512 upload is the minimum speed if you want to be host and play against anyone from Europe, I played once with a guy from USA and the lag wasn't noticeable even though i live so far from USA, his upload speed was 1mb
  6. Celeborn

    Celeborn Guest

    Again, thats plain incorrect

    The game requires 15k/s upload. Thats the same whether you play someone on LAN, or someone half way across the world. 128k upload or 512k upload... as long as you can constantly supply that 15k/s upload (some people with poor connections cant) then it doesnt matter.

    People mis-represent the connection "bandwidth" as connection "speed". 3mb is not faster than 1mb. It provides more bandiwidth to download files faster, yes... but the time it takes 1 packet of information to get to and from a certain place remains the same on both connection

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