2 problems with kit server...

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by GARF13LD, 6 September 2008.

  1. GARF13LD

    GARF13LD Model Professional

    18 March 2007
    Man Utd
    Im having a few problems with kit server at the moment and im really confused...

    1. When I try to play a game, as I go to match the game closes and says PES08 needed to close send error report and so on...

    2. Also when I am picking a team a lot of the EPL teams have Chelsea's kit for some reason but just in the colours of the team I am picking i.e. Man Utd will be in red but with Chelsea's kit.

    Can anyone help, Im a little baffed on about how to use kit server because im new to it, any help is much appreciated :DD
  2. boarding_hoz

    boarding_hoz Non-League

    1 May 2008
    check --> map.txt of the kit

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