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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by embraceuk1, 14 March 2008.

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    Capcom and Backbone Entertainment are shipping 1942: Joint Strike for XBLA and PSN this Summer. The HD remake -- hmm, part of a bona fide trend -- takes inspiration from 1942 and the other 194X games. But the top-down WWII shooter strives to be its own title, with unique levels, enemies, and updated weapons.
    I recently checked out an alpha version of the game on a 360. The graphics looked sharp, with light sepia effects evoking a news-reel quality at times. Other times, colors popped against high-definition backgrounds. While the 3D world exists in a top-down angle, tall buildings leaned with the perspective, adding another visual hook to the shooter.
    The responsive gameplay seemed similar to other scrolling shooters. Lots of action bursted on-screen, and two players can collaborate on a single system or online. But other than a team-attack that drew a lightning net over enemy swarms, I didn't notice much that sets it apart in a crowded market. Players earn power-ups, fight bosses, and otherwise follow other games in the well-established genre. But if shooters are your game, 1942: Joint Strike could win your $10 or 800 Microsoft Points when it lifts off soon.

    Always loved playing the original game in the Arcades
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    Looks bloody great.

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