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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by juliovodoo, 29 October 2009.

  1. juliovodoo

    juliovodoo League 1

    16 October 2009
    Well, I would like all of you to explain the way you play pes 2010, I mean, LB checked or unchecked? aspect ratio correction enabled or disabled? And which camera do you play?
  2. Aqua

    Aqua Banned

    26 September 2009
    1920:1200 16:9 checked LB checked
    no ratio correction

    wide cam


    quality level high, no frame skipping, no vsync

    runs like a charm
  3. juliovodoo

    juliovodoo League 1

    16 October 2009
    Have you tried playing with broadcast 1? INCREDIBLE FEELING!!!! By the way, what´s the piont in turning off or on frame skipping? Should I turn it on or off? And why don´t you check v-sync? I do and runs well.
  4. Schmari

    Schmari League 2

    16 February 2006
    To play correctly on 16:10 displays you have to:
    - uncheck LB
    - enable aspect ratio correction (kitserver)
  5. juliovodoo

    juliovodoo League 1

    16 October 2009
    Don´t you find too close the image? Also the aspect ratio correction doesn´t affect popups scoreboards and menu. I tried manual aspect ratio corretion with 1.675. Try it and tell me.
  6. hesham_eraqi

    hesham_eraqi Conference

    26 January 2007
    Al Zamalek
    It affects scoreboards and menus too.
  7. juliovodoo

    juliovodoo League 1

    16 October 2009
    No it doesn´t, they are a little streched, try to uncheck LB without aspect ratio correction and see.
  8. 9-Ball

    9-Ball Non-League

    1 June 2006
    16:9 @ 1920x1200 on 32" LCD
    LB off
    V-synch off (no tearing, so no need for it)
    Frame skipping checked or unchecked makes no difference to me
    Wide camera + lodserver angle adjust (25)
    All settings on max (2x Radeon 2gig video cards)

    Runs very nicely, thanks. Haven't tested FPS with a reliable FPS tool but I'd expect it to be well over 100.
  9. juliovodoo

    juliovodoo League 1

    16 October 2009
    Look at the intro when LB is not checked and aspect ratio correction is enabled and you will see that aspect ratio correction only affects ingame images. No affects to the pupups, menu, scoreboards...
  10. Ciaolo

    Ciaolo Inter Milan supporter!

    10 January 2008
    Italy (the best championship of the world)
    Inter Milan
    kitserver aspect-ratio correction
    1280x800 full screen
    LB off
    vsync on
    frameskip off
    ingame camera: wide (and player in BAL)
  11. nanda_abiz

    nanda_abiz Banned

    29 May 2006
    Go Chelsea
    Me: (my monitor res: 1440x900 on ATi Radeon x1650)
    Setting.exe :
  12. qfreddie

    qfreddie Non-League

    19 September 2008

    My problem with this fix are the following:

    1) settings.exe does not display ANY widescreen options for me. I mean ZERO - NONE. So how should i choose one? The game always starts with not filling the monitor properly for some resolutions that are not exactly 4:3

    2) what is LB what you all uncheck?

    My settings are theese:
    Normal resolution (what i use day by day): 1680x1050 with a good video card (the game flyes on HD resolutions enabled in loadcfg)

    Kitserver IS installed, Widescreen fix is enabled. Everything as said, and still not work. I have version Kitserver 6.6.4

    I edited loadcfg, what now looks like this:

    # Loader configuration file

    gdb.dir = ".\"

    DLL.num = 12
    DLL.0 = "kitserver\zlib1.dll"
    DLL.1 = "kitserver\libpng13.dll"
    DLL.2 = "kitserver\afs2fs.dll"
    DLL.3 = "kitserver\kserv.dll"
    DLL.4 = "kitserver\bserv.dll"
    DLL.5 = "kitserver\fserv.dll"
    DLL.6 = "kitserver\lodmixer.dll"
    DLL.7 = "kitserver\dxtools.dll"
    DLL.8 = "kitserver\stadium.dll"
    DLL.9 = "kitserver\bootserv.dll"
    DLL.10 = "kitserver\clock.dll"
    DLL.11 = "kitserver\psc.dll"

    # DirectX options
    dx.force-SW-TnL = 0
    dx.emulate-HW-TnL = 0
    dx.fullscreen.width = 1440
    dx.fullscreen.height = 900

    # End of loader configuration

    So PLS help. I think my problem would be somewhere around the settings.exe not displaying widescreen resolutions at all.


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