11 vs 11 on the training ground. Possible?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by cadburyho, 24 December 2007.

  1. cadburyho

    cadburyho League 1

    5 March 2005
    From what I heard that PES2008 performed best in the training stadium and that it is possible to have 11 vs 11. My question is how to we get select 11 vs 11. On the training menu, there is no number for us to select. Appreciate if someone could enlighten on this.
  2. goodidea_

    goodidea_ Non-League

    27 October 2007
    Yeah it is possible, go to formation settings, then press the start button i think, then click on participation then you just highlight all the players.
  3. Faz

    Faz Balondero

    16 December 2007

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