1001 things I want to add to PES

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by dracuanh_, 2 January 2009.

  1. dracuanh_

    dracuanh_ Non-League

    29 November 2006
    My dream named PESX


    PES2009 with LANs

    This's what i most desire :D


    Player can decide to shoot between goalkeeper's legs.
    Press Square + Triagle + Direction. the Goal
    depends on Shot Tech,Shot acc and player's skills:)
    Narrow angle:


    Still has a nice goal:devil:


    New penalty shot mechanisms

    "I'm sick of having the same four directions to choose from when I take a penalty. Top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left, middle grounded, and centered high. The same six directions I've been using to take penalties since WE6I on the PS2. Give us a system like Fifa09 where you can take a direct shot, placed shot, or a chipped shot and aim it anywhere you want plus a powerbar" (Rocky evo-web forum)

    - you can do the chipped shot by press L1 + Square
    - if you press Square then quickly press square again before your player contacts with the ball: he will run fast but finish with small power


    Camera Angle backs!
    This feature has been ommited since PES2008, I really want Konami lets it back in PES 10


    PES shop back!

    Why not? this feature will help the game more interesting and it will suck you in:). Some items can be unlocked only by completing some objectives.




    You can use your salary in BAL mode!

    You can spend your salary( BAL mode) on stuffs like villa, cars, accessories...Go to Phlyr/Info setting> edit player > accessories to use them. List of players with Highest salary will be updated every season. These items can be unlocked only in BAL mode .
    Boots & accessories:



    New Celebration ::D

    I like Kaka's celebration very much, he pulls off his shirt and show " I belong to jesus" on his under-T-shirt .In Edit section, Edit player>Motion will have new option for Celebration: T-shirt. Just type what message will be shown when your player scores :D.
    Create coach in Master League( 1 kind of NPC:))
    That's you in ML mode! If we have "coach of the month","coach of the year".. it will be great!

    Create new league-cup, create new team.
    32 slots for creating new teams.:)


    Auto On/Off
    I hate my players auto slide,tackle,..its really annoying!


    - Add more facts, in ML mode, we can can find quality young player (13-16 years old) from Ajax,sporting,Arsenal...
    and they can be trained to be future stars.Teams budget can be used in scouting, medicine agents...
    - PES6 shot mechanism back! I love the shot mechanism of PES9 on PSII and PES6 , its great. This is the key that made PES realistic and attractive to gamers. It'll be fantastic if it's used in PES 10. many PES fans still stick with PES6 because its gameplay is realistic "football-feel"
    - trainning challeges back!
    - I love this kind of tape :
    - many things from PES6 editing mode should be back (long-normal-short sock, shirt-type,...)
    - etc etc :undecide:



    + More goaltypes
    + Coloured nets
    + Pattern ( striped,checked,shapes... )


    Single color:


    I agree that they should improve the gameplay ( pes 6 shot mechanism is greatest ,i think), but it's not easy to make illustrations for these suggestions. It'll be great if someone make video to illustrate the ideas. :)
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  2. Faz

    Faz Balondero

    16 December 2007
    Mate... I love you, this is the most amazing post i have ever seen in my entire life. You have to show some of these ideas to Konami, seriously great and i love how you editted the stuff to show what you want. Brilliant, if i had that kind of time i would show some ideas, but maybe later i'll write some down.
    If you want i will help you with this project if your serious.

    add me on msn:


    p.s. only thing is the "throguh the legs" - then some players will score each time if they are good enoguh and keeper won't save. Keeper should be able to anticipate.
  3. Nick Cave

    Nick Cave Wrexham fan for my sins...

    10 July 2004
    Non football league waste land...
    Wrexham AFC
    2009 has sooo many problems a few blings are the last things that need
  4. Damo7

    Damo7 Mersey Red Boy

    26 April 2005
    Liverpool FC
    Mate nuff respect to you as its nice to see somebody that still has the motivation with Pes. However Pes has been broken, almost finished over the last 2 years and it will take a hell of alot of fixing to bring it back to former glorys.
  5. dracuanh_

    dracuanh_ Non-League

    29 November 2006
    That's nice, send me your ideas,i will check my mail or just show them here.
    My Y!M: dracuanh@yahoo.com
  6. dBC91

    dBC91 Lega Pro 1

    3 January 2009
    Your post is fantastic!
    I would like to add a "Create new League" button, where computer automatically generates Team A- Team B ecc. each with 23 players, all editable. It would be fantastic!

    I can post some fictional screenshots
  7. soulman81

    soulman81 Conference

    23 July 2006
    how about running animations that don't look like the players are shitting their pants?
  8. terbs

    terbs Non-League

    8 November 2007
    they need the challenge thing in training again. Like the target in the top cornor of the goals for free kicks from PES 6
  9. b3g1nn3r1991

    b3g1nn3r1991 League 2

    12 January 2007
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Yeah, let them make a new engine first.

    We don't wanna fixed PES 2009. We want totally new one..

    oopss I see.. The thread isn't for PES 2010.. Anyway.

    @dracuanh_ - this is your suggestions for what?? Photoshoped pictures and dreams. :)
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  10. PG_15

    PG_15 EPL

    4 July 2006
    Manchester United
    "Under Socks" like Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Pennant, David Beckham and many more have :)



  11. Basilis

    Basilis Banned

    15 November 2008
    Athens, Greece
    My Suggestions

    First off all, KONAMI should buy the UEFA Europa League (hereafter EL) as well

    + There would be a mode called UEFA Tour that would include the entire CHL and EL qualification system (of course that requires many teams licenses but what if they at least try to add one qualification round and some unlicensed teams).

    + The draws should be live with the pot system and not just by pressing the random button in order to feel the intensity of being in a draw for "your" team.

    + There should be an UEFA Club Ranking based on the competitions you play and what the other teams achieve.
  12. jonneymendoza

    jonneymendoza Legend

    1 January 2004
    carbon copy of fia09's gameplay engine
  13. malec

    malec Conference

    10 November 2007
    konami add more tricks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant stand that there is only one type of step over...i need inside and outside stepovers...damn fifa has such a nice skills...shame on you konami... lazy faggots
  14. Kallinn

    Kallinn Viva la Rafalution !!!

    4 November 2007
    Liverpool !!!
    Where do you buy this thing in real? I really want one of those! :D
  15. culigany

    culigany Non-League

    28 October 2006
    just buy white socks.. ;) an put them on above your football-socks
  16. soulman81

    soulman81 Conference

    23 July 2006
  17. lucio_liu

    lucio_liu Bundes Liga

    25 March 2008
    Germany & Brasil
    They are medical tapes not socks lol.
  18. PG_15

    PG_15 EPL

    4 July 2006
    Manchester United
    i have that socks ;) they are small runnig socks by nike :)
  19. CDDRodrigo

    CDDRodrigo SPFC

    8 January 2009
    Maringá, Paraná, Brazil
    São Paulo Futebol Clube
    Awesome post man, did you really do it in game, or it was just Photoshop?

    PS: my 1st post in this great forum ^^
  20. TanMak

    TanMak League 1

    27 November 2004
    South Africa
    Newcastle United
    lol, thread of the year. If only Seaballs shared your vision dracuanh_. But you forgot the return of challenge training or more training features :)
  21. soulman81

    soulman81 Conference

    23 July 2006
    I second the return of the challenge and training feature. I loved dribbling through the pions.
    and how about a rating for slidings? like messi 26 and terry 90 you know. I would love to be able to train a player to become a tackle beast in masterleague.
    and for anyone who played nba games. how about game sliders which let us fine tune the game to our likeness? and something else from nba 2k9. the hot player system which means that the better you use a player during the game the hotter he gets and the better he performs. this to substitute the random arrow system which I personally hate.
    Last edited: 10 January 2009
  22. liverpoolscot

    liverpoolscot League 2

    21 July 2007
    Sorry?! What?! Broken!? I must have been asleep but I haven't really thought that about the last 2 games. I certainly didn't get all I could of out of PES 2008 but then I upgraded my computer and and things started to fly and I really started to get the most out of it and PES 2009. Certainly there are things that aren't quite as we would like with the game yet but I do think that its a lot better and less niggly than older PES even though they had there charm in there own way. This is a great thread but I think one that would be more suited to pesfan than evo-web. I think that this would make a really good suggestion on there. Plus if it gets accepted it will go to Konami instead of sitting here, never to be seen! I would get this over to pesfan as soon as you can. Looks like you have been doing some thinking and personally its nice to see!
  23. Honome

    Honome The Hated Chatbox Murder

    16 April 2003
    Those are only 8 things to add... where are the other 993?????
  24. Tyrant

    Tyrant Die Hard

    2 February 2006
    I don't care if Kaka' pulls out his shirt in PES2010 or not, I just hope they improve the gameplay!
  25. crustcyb

    crustcyb League 1

    27 September 2005
    Well, instead of using the almost 10GB DVD-9 space to multilanguage, use the disc space to give a home stadium to EVERY team in the game, plus a cyberface to EVERY player, so people don't have all this trouble editing. Oh, boots and uniforms too. Plues, get more licenses for more teams and leagues. Simple.
  26. lucio_liu

    lucio_liu Bundes Liga

    25 March 2008
    Germany & Brasil
    Not simple but tough, and Konami hasnt such ambition and ability.
  27. Rocky

    Rocky League 1

    11 May 2005
    How about changing the penalty shot mechanisms for once? I'm sick of having the same four directions to choose from when I take a penalty. Top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left, middle grounded, and centered high. The same six directions I've been using to take penalties since WE6I on the PS2. Give us a system like Fifa09 where you can take a direct shot, placed shot, or a chipped shot and aim it anywhere you want plus a powerbar. If konami could only give us as much control over penalties as we already have when taking freekicks.
  28. soulman81

    soulman81 Conference

    23 July 2006
    that's a great idea.
  29. PG_15

    PG_15 EPL

    4 July 2006
    Manchester United
    photoshop ;)
  30. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    Agree. They also need to take some other ideas back from the previous ISS/PES games aswell.. Here are some ideas that have been implemented in the past PES/ISS games and have been removed Heaven knows why:

    - International challenge (PES6): You can choose a national team and bring it from early qualifiers to the World Cup final (I'm *not* saying you should have QUITE ALL the national teams in the world like happened in FIFA98, but a more various range of national teams to choose from/play against won't hurt. And please, make them selectable also in Friendly mode otherwise it won't make sense). Of course you should care about the caps aswell..
    - Home/away match (PES6): Winning on away goals is something thrilling. Why did they remove that game mode?
    - Training challenge (PES5): That's the reason I was so damn good in scoring FKs in PES5 (Baseggio anyone?). I'd like to have it back.
    - Scenarios (ISS64): Why did they get rid of them? They'd be a nice addition: you are given a situation (such as 2-0 down at half time) and you have to accomplish some objectives (such as winning 3-2 in the end). It may be based also on "real" matches (*any* reference to the Milan v. Inter match in 2004 is not to be meant as intentional).
    Maybe a "rating" system could be implemented: passing the same scenario several times would result in a different "Scenario rating" awarded each time (maybe basing on the main objective and some side-objectives, or maybe ratings for the gameplay/the goals like happened in Virtua Striker).

    - Short high ball over the head of a player (ISS98): I try to explain it better.. I'd like to be able to "lob" the ball over an opponent's head to pass it to a teammate, if the teammate is near but the ground trajectory is "locked" by the opponent. And I'd like to do it also to get past an opponent (well, it could be done in FIFA 96 with a little training, why can't it be done now?)
    - "Old" lob control (ISS PRO EVOLUTION): I feel that the lobs over the keeper were way more realistic and accurate at that time, why can't they remake them this way? Also the keeper would have reacted better in ISSPE, but it's something I'm going to say later.
    - "Finesse shot" on PKs (ISS64): I'd like to place the ball where I want, at the power that I want. I'd be happy with a "weak" button, a "mid" button and a "powerful" button like happened in ISS64, but also having a power bar wouldn't hurt. Of course, if I placed the ball in the top corner with a small power, it'd become a lob shot "à la Totti".

    - Better player moves/reactions (PES6): I don't know why but the PES6 player models (even if they weren't as accurate as current ones) had way better moves compared to the ones I see in PES2009. Bring them back, please!!
    ..also, I'd like to have back the keeper behaviour of ISSPE on "lobs". They looked way more realistic than the current ones that just stop and stare at the ball going in.
    - Better atmosphere (ISS98): It seems odd but I actually felt more "into the stadium" with ISS98 than with PES2009. If they revamped THAT stadium atmosphere today, with the improvements of the next-gen, imagine how would it be. At least add some cheering stance when the stadium looks full, come on!!
    - Kit mixing (PES5): I don't care about having to reduce kits in shared palette (juce showed it can be done also without anyway), but I'd like to have it back: playing a Milan v. Inter with both teams having black shorts, well, it just doesn't feel proper.

    This is just something that was here and has been REMOVED, imagine how many features can be added from scratch..

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