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Old 3 March 12, 13:09   #1
League 2
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Team: sv zulte waregem
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: belgium
Default online equalizer mode needed !!!

we al know in online games almost every oponent has barca or real as there team,with milan,inter,napoli,chelsea,man utd or city,i thougt about a gamemode that would reduce that drasticly,called online equalizer:
it should integrate legends in weaker teams.
as every team is fixed for online play it gives every team a number(6 to 10),10 being barca and real,they cant inlist legends.
teams like excelsior from holland ,granada (spain)or otelul galati for instance are a 6.
legends should be worth 1 o 2 points,superstars 2 points(maradona,cruif,van basten,pele),lesser stars(shearer,keegan,batistuta,platini)or goallies (zoff,schmeichel) 1 point.
so a 6 point team facing barca can have 2 superstars in team, playing a 9 point team(inter,man u),1 superstar and 1 star.
you set the legends for the teams before playing games and the condition arrows are also random like other players.
FOR INSTANCE :for heerenveen a 7 point team.
AGAINST 8 POINT TEAM :1 point for legend coeman.
AGAINST 9 POINT TEAM :2 points for superstar van basten.
AGAINST 10 POINT TEAM5(real,barca):3 points for legend van de sar and superstar cruijf.
it would be a winner for konami i think ,and the legends would not be useless,i would however not make the superstars better than ronaldo or messi,and make other legends not to strong also.
to pes or not to pes thats the question.
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Old 3 March 12, 15:01   #2
Join Date: Jan 2011
Default Re: online equalizer mode needed !!!

I haven't touched online after an horrific first week. I hate it. The only way to stop these Real/Barce muppets is to have an almighty points upheaval. So say I go Barcelona, and you go Bolton, the points swing should resemble such.

My method -

Batch teams in terms of their ability -

1- Barce, Real, Ac Milan etc etc
2- Man City etc
3- Man Utd etc
4- Juventus, Liverpool etc

all the way til you get to these (and forgive me as I don't actually know if these are bad or not)

18- Herenveen, Wolves
19- Albacete etc
20- Really rubbish teams

Again forgive me about the teams, but basically the weaker teams to weakest at points 17-20.

So you have a scale of 1-20, and you group teams into these numbers.

So..If I choose Barcelona (group 1, meaning a 1 point team) and my opponent is Albacete (group 19, a 19 point team), then if I win against him then I get 1 point, and if he wins he gets 19 points. If it's a draw The lower ranked team gets two points or something, and the higher ranked team gets nothing.

The draw element can be worked on, BUT, the underlying principle is that every player then has a choice to make - go Barce, Real etc etc time and time again and have super human players but know that you ONLY get one point for every win, or go someone shit and have lots of points. Fkin simple. This would mean that everyone will HAVE TO eventually use crap teams, or at least lesser teams and therefore the games will be slower/more tactical/more realistic.

As it is now, the game online is a complete and utter mess and a joke. I would love to play online, I really would, but it's just such a broken piece of shit because of the sprint whores that there is honestly no point.

But KONAMI will never do this because it will hurt all the little kiddies that love CR7 and Moosi!
PES 2013, PC, PES JP Patch.
15 mins, Superstar, 3-Bar Assist, Wide Cam.
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