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Default Re: !!PES 12 AWESOME tutorials!!!

I think there are 3 different PES players (which is a way of saying that PES actually plays in 3 different ways):

Arcade players: abuse sprinting, minimun passes, rush rush rush, etc. Will attempt a 5-0 win with any team vs any team.

Gamers: people that are good at/enjoy games in general. They pick PES, for example, and try to master the game's way to win. By "games's way" I mean how the game works as a program, knowing exactly what they have to do in response to what the game is doing.

Football brains: these are the most rare players. They find joy in recreating real life plays. Mainly, they will decide every single action according to complex and dynamical scenarios: the player they are in control of, team they are playing with, team they are playing agaist, who are the nearby opponents, match time, etc. That is the kind of things that are extremely hard to show through a tutorial. You can share videos of specific and highly contextual plays, like Jimmy does. You could capture an entire game and describe your actions and your thinking, but that's about it.

Having said that, I find this an EXCELLENT guide for gamers. And I encourage you to try an approach for the third group, the "football brains", just to see how it turns out.
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