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Default Re: iPhone/iPod Touch Gaming

Look at the Wii, that hasnt really got traditional controllers, but is doing ok for itself!

Oddly enough, whilst not 100% perfect, the onscreen D-Pad and buttons in some games work really well - I've not tried it in Real Soccer yet, but it works well in Terminator (vertical scrolling shoot-em up).

And just like the Wii, its about getting the right game to work with the controller.

The touch screen controlled games are perfect - and couldnt be done as well on PSP, Wii, PS3 or XBOX.

Bejeweled is a perfect example - sliding the gems around with your finger is 100 times better than using a d-pad (as in the 360 version). Just the same, the iPod couldnt really do a FPS style game.

Racers work very well though with the tilting action.
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