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Originally Posted by pboreham View Post
Perhaps mods could sticky this? I know there is a seperate iPhone thread in the 'Tech' board, but this would be dedicated to the Games?

I must admit I sniggered when Apple said the iPod/iPhone would rival the DS/PSP as the most powerful handheld gaming device - and when the Gadget Show said the same.

But I will say after owning one for around a week now, I will eat my words and say I can see where they are coming from!

Superb graphics, fluid gameplay, great control mech and low cost games - I seriously think this could become a great handheld gaming machine. The only real flaw I can see is the battery life when gaming.

I'm enjoying Bejeweled 2, Peggle, Frenzic and BookWorm more than any other PS3/360 game at the moment. My limited gaming time means these are the perfect pick-up-and-play tonics!

I also downloaded the demo of 'X-Plane' last night, which shows how powerful the iPod is under the hood - and the preview of Sims 3 looks equally as impressive.

So iPod/iPhone peeps - what games are keeping you fiddling your fingers?

i dont see platform games or even sports games working well with a touchscreen controls.

i will stick to my trust psp
Maybe Games: Fifa 12(if club mode has improved), Red orchestra 2(if i complete witcher 2 before bf3), F1 2012(realistic driving physics?), Deus EX revo(console port?)

Most wanted games: Battlefield fucking 3 yeah!!! PES 2012 baby, Guild wars 2 homie, Arma 3 for the real pro's and uncharted 3 FTW!!!
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